Why is it important for an estate agent to accompany a viewing?

Why is it important for an estate agent to accompany a viewing?

There is an argument that the most important person for a property viewing is the current property owner. This comes from the school of thought that says the current owner knows more about the house than anyone else and because they live there, they can be on hand at any point. No one is advocating that your property should be viewed 24/7 but the fact that it could be is of benefit to some people.

This leads to some people questioning why an estate agent should accompany a viewing. The thing is, there are a number of valid and very strong reasons why it is important FOR an estate agent to accompany a viewing.

Security and peace of mind
99% of the time there will never be any problems with someone viewing a property but all it takes is that one time and then there could be a lot of regret over the viewing arrangements. Having the estate agent on hand, even just as a third party, provides a degree of security and offers a high level of peace of mind for most home owners.

Calling on an estate agent to accompany the viewing is better for everyone involved and it should ensure that everyone remains safe.

Having someone that can liaise and intervene
One of the most important reasons for employing an estate agent is the fact that they liaise with potential buyers and their agents. A lot of homeowners don’t want any contact or dealings with potential buyers or other parties. This is a major factor in why estate agents are hired and if there are any questions about the home or the local area, the estate agent should be able to answer any questions quickly and easily.

Get your monies worth!
There is also a school of thought that says if you are paying for the services of an estate agent, you may as well get your monies worth. If an estate agent or professional says that they will provide an accompanying service for any property viewing, you should ensure that they provide you with this service. Considering the cost of selling a home, you may as well take full value out of every service that you pay for.

Keep potential buyers happy
You want to set the right tone and impression for a viewing and the majority of potential buyers will be satisfied to see an estate agent on hand. There may be one or two unscrupulous people who would prefer no agent to be present so they can try and trip you up but for the vast majority of potential buyers, there is peace of mind knowing that there is an expert on hand.

Benefit from the experience
Estate agents should have considerable experience when it comes to showing homes and answering questions from potential buyers. The vast majority of homeowners will not. This means you should call on the person with the most experience in this role, and this is why calling on the estate agent for a viewing is the smart choice.

It adds an air of importance or relevancy to the viewing
If an estate agent isn’t present, a potential buyer may wonder how committed they are to selling the home or seriously their presence is taken. Small things can make a big difference to the impression that people form and not having an estate agent on hand may cause people to form a negative impression of a home or the estate agent company.

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